GPS Fleet Management

Why GPS fleet management?


You manage people and assets, and need to keep everything running smoothly. But with so many moving parts, how do you ensure your fleet of vehicles and drivers are as efficient and cost-saving as they could be? Watchcard provides integration with GPS Fleet Management Systems that help you obtain and keep track of the data you need to:

  • Increase efficiency
  • Reduced idling
  • Track fuel usage
  • Curb unwanted driver behavior, such as speeding or dangerous driving

Increase Efficiency

  • Monitor stops
  • Decrease idling
  • Locate the closest vehicle to the job
  • Verify vehicle stops and customer visit

Simplify vehicle maintenance.

  • Be notified of problems ahead of time
  • Decrease downtime with maintenance reminders

Better Safety and Security

  • Be notified of vehicles exceeding speed limits
  • View speed history
  • Lower insurance costs
  • Nationwide stolen vehicle recovery
  • Full roadside assistance available with select plans

How to keep your drivers, and your bank account, happy with fleet fuel management. Free Download!