GPS Fleet Management

How it works

GPS Fleet Tracking lets you keep track of your vehicles, monitor and improve driver behavior, increase efficiency and service levels, and even keep track of maintenance reminders.

  • The unit is installed discretely in each vehicle
  • The device communicates via satellite
  • The vehicle reports on its location and other vehicle data every two minutes
  • Data is accessed with an easy-to-use user interface

Increase efficiency.

  • Monitor stops
  • Decrease idling
  • Locate the closest vehicle to the job
  • Verify vehicle stops and customer visit

Simplify vehicle maintenance.

  • Be notified of problems ahead of time
  • Decrease downtime with maintenance reminders

Improve safety and security.

  • Be notified of vehicles exceeding speed limits
  • View speed history
  • Lower insurance costs
  • Nationwide stolen vehicle recovery
  • Full roadside assistance available with select plans

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