GPS & Fuel Card Integration: How It Works

Link your fuel card data to your GPS data in a snap.

When data is integrated, it gives you a complete picture of your fleet activity. Combine fuel card data with GPS vehicle tracking by following a few simple steps:

See transactions and data in your GPS Provider user interface.

Once you sign up for a Watchcard and your account is approved, you will be contacted by a a fuel card specialist, who will get your account set up and issue your cards. Once you start using your cards,Watchcard sends the fuel purchase information on a daily basis by individual card.

Easily activate your integration.

Once you receive your fuel card(s), contact us at 855-271-1778.

After Fuel Card data integration is added to your account, you can fill out a short form in your GPS Provider’s user interface that links each card with the appropriate vehicle so that driving patterns and fuel purchases can be tracked together.