GPS Fleet Management combined with fuel card data gives you the edge to take control of your fleet.

You manage people and assets, and you need to keep your business running smoothly. With so many moving parts, how do you ensure your fleet is operating as efficiently as possible? Watchcard easily integrates with GPS Fleet Management Systems to get you the data you need.

•  Track and monitor vehicle activity and performance, and locate areas for improvement.

•  Identify and improve driver behaviors that can compromise fuel efficiency.

•  Verify fueling and location information of your drivers and vehicles.

•  Get true odometer reporting to ensure odometer and fuel mileage match.

•  Access exception reporting to help you manage discrepancies, reduce and prevent fraud.

GPS Integration Benefits

Why It Matters

When fuel card data is integrated with your GPS Fleet Management System, you get the complete picture of your fleet’s activity, helping you improve efficiency, enhance security and prevent fraud.

You can combine your fuel card data with GPS vehicle tracking in just a few simple steps.

See Data In Your GPS Provider User Interface

With multiple GPS partners available, you can pick a provider that works best for you.

Once you start using Watchcard, you’ll receive daily fleet data per individual card.

Easily Activate Integration

When you receive your fuel cards, contact us at (855) 271-1778.

Once fuel card data integration is added to your account, you can fill out a short form in your GPS provider’s user interface to link each card with its vehicle so individual driving patterns and fuel purchases can be tracked together.

Get The Control You Want With The Data You Need

The Watchcard Fuel Card seamlessly integrates fuel data with your GPS Fleet Management System to give you a complete view of your vehicles and drivers.

Combining the convenience of Watchcard with the power of your GPS tracking provides the best data available to help you manage your fleet most effectively.

• Universal acceptance at 98% of retail stations across the US

• Manage your fuel expenses in one place

• Get security alerts and prevent fraud

• Verify fuel purchases and location data

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